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Patricia LeBlanc
Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher
Manifesting Expert
20 Time International Best Selling Author

Patricia LeBlanc 12 Times International Best Selling Author, Manifesting/Abundance Coach/Teacher, and Master Energy Practitioner/Teacher , International Speaker and Trainer

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Clear your money and Abundance Blocks (even if you've been stuck for years)

We all have money and abundance blocks. It’s pretty easy to tell which one you have:

Are you able to keep the money you earn?

Are you able to increase the amount of money you make each year?

Does it seem like no matter how you much earn, you can never save money?

Do you feel like you cannot get paid for using your gifts and you need to give it all away for free?

Do you wish you could get paid more for your gifts but feel stuck or think you cannot?

WHAT EXACTLY IS “money or abundance block” and how is it holding you back?

Money or abundance block show up as situations or beliefs in your life and business. This could be that any time that you receive more money, then something happens and you end up spending that money on unexpected things.

It can also show up as you not charging for your services and products or under charging.

It can show up as no matter what you do you cannot increase your revenue or net worth.

Clear your money and abundance blocks so you can create more money and abundance.

My personal money and abundance story:

My name is Patricia LeBlanc. I am a dream maker, Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, Manifesting Expert and 20 Time International Best Selling Author. 

I was not always abundant. In fact, for years, I struggled. It got so bad several times, that I honestly did not know if I would become homeless the next month or where my next meal was going to come from.

I had a lack mindset and could never create any true wealth and abundance in my life. If I was down to my last few dollars I had no idea where more was going to come. It was a roller coaster.

I had an expensive hobby for years as I did not charge what I was worth. I needed a job to pay my daily expenses as my “expensive hobby” wasn’t’.

So, I began working on my money and abundance mindset, beliefs, and clearing and healing. It did not happen overnight. It was quite a long process and when I discovered and learned Sacred Soul Alignment the process was quicker and quicker. I didn’t stop there.

In the last 6 months, I have deepened my healing work. I healed core blocks and beliefs around money, abundance and prosperity, and getting paid. The results are simply amazing.

This allowed me to be paid as a healer and charge what I am worth. I have been a healer for over 10 years and it is just the past 6 months when I decided to turn this into my main business that I am being paid what I am worth. I have charged for healing sessions in the past but charged so low that I felt yucky after the session as I did not charge enough or would do trades but it was never a win-win as the other person got something out of it and I did not. Now I only do trades if it is a win-win for both parties and I know I will not resent it after.

As well, I can now be down to my last few dollars and know that since I am abundant Intuitive Healer that more money is on its way to me.

I no longer struggle in lack and I am ABUNDANT.

Clear your Money and Abundance Block Program

In this 4-week program, I will show you how to do the exact processes I used to clear my money and abundance blocks.

I will be facilitating deep healing on your money and abundance blocks and the beliefs that create your current money and abundance reality. We will clear thousands and thousands of beliefs that are stopping you from having true abundance. You will be able to immediately start to call in more income and money into your life and business.


Week 1: Success and Abundance

We are going to CLEAR your fears around success and abundance. We will also clear beliefs and patterns you inherited in your PAST LIVES, DNA and COLLECTIVE. We will shift your personal programing around unworthiness, doubt, safety, security, procrastination, self- sabotage, the oaths, vows, contracts and even curses that you are holding energetically to struggle, suffer and experience poverty to create a powerful new level of abundance and wealth into your life.

Week 2: Create Wealth and Abundance.

I will be unplugging you from the energy of LACK and into the energy of universal ABUNDANCE. We will also raise your money ceiling energetically. We will clear anything that is holding you back from keeping your money or increasing your money. We will clear anything that is holding you back from true freedom.

Week 3: Raise your Vibrations.

We are going to clear anything that is preventing you from vibrating at the highest level. When you raise your energetic vibrations you open yourself up to attract more wealth, money and abundance with ease and joy.

Week 4: Manifesting Wealth and Abundance.

This week will be all about Manifesting. You will learn to step into your full power as a co-creator of your Reality and learn to take massive divinely guided action towards your money and abundance goals. We will clear some blocks that you have around manifesting. I will be sharing with you 1 incredibly powerful manifesting secret I have been using and that I only share with one other person. Anytime that I do this one thing, magic happens almost instantly.

The calls will done live via zoom and if you cannot attend live, no worries as you wil receive the recordings. 

CLEAR YOUR MONEY AND ABUNDANCE BLOCKS is worth over $1,000 but for a limited time the pricing will be $333.00 USD until start time.

If you’re ready to clear your abundance blocks,and start creating more wealth and abundance for YOU, CLEAR YOUR MONEY AND ABUNDANCE BLOCKS is perfect for you!

DISCLAIMER: As a Intuitive Energy Healer/teacher, I cannot diagnose or cure what ails you; instead, I facilitate the self-healing process for you through energy. Disease (dis-ease) in the body comes from disharmony and imbalance. Energy therapy helps to infuse you with relaxation and support well-being. And while there are numerous stories and studies of how energy therapy has helped to relieve certain conditions, energy therapy simply allows you to achieve your highest healing, whatever that may be.

Disclaimer: Reiki, IET ®, ThetaHealing®, Sacred Soul Alignment and Manifesting Energy Healing are natural methods of energy therapy to balance and promote stress reduction, relaxation and may be used as part of an integrative wellness program. These energy therapies are not associated with any religious system. While these methods may be used independently, they are not meant to be a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.