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Patricia LeBlanc
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20 Time International Best Selling Author

Patricia LeBlanc 12 Times International Best Selling Author, Manifesting/Abundance Coach/Teacher, and Master Energy Practitioner/Teacher , International Speaker and Trainer

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2017 The Spiritual Entrepreneur Show

Here are the guest expert who has appeared on The Spiritual entrepreneur Show in 2017

Guest Bonnie Groessl:  Expand Your Reach and Attract More Ideal Clients

Bonnie Groessl, MSN, is a best-selling author, international podcast host and success coach. Bonnie helps entrepreneurs expand their reach and achieve success through building their online presence so they can reach people around the world and attract more ideal clients.

With Bonnie’s holistic approach, clients discover how to share their message, serve their tribe and grow their business. Bonnie and her husband, Mike, also provide boutique publishing services that fit the needs of any prospective author with a message to share.  


For more information visit


Guest Mariana Calleja -  Heal your pain to move forward towards a better life

Mariana Calleja is a doctor & pain relief specialist who unconventionally talks about inner, unspoken fears (taboos & more) as a main root to most physical ailments and disease. Passionate about combining the best of both western and eastern medicine, into one powerful healing practice. Health is mind and body. Pain is physical and emotional. Prevention is better than cure. Heal your pain to move forward towards a better life.


 Guest Grace Cloyd -  Why Astrology & Numerology Actually Work! (and Why Horoscopes Don’t)

On today episode of The Spiritual Entrepreneur Show, Guest Grace Cloyd will be talking about how why Astrology and numerology actually works. 

Grace Cloyd is an astrologer-numerologist, intuitive reader-advisor, astrology-numerology blogger, and author. Her practice, Life By Soul™, is based in San Jose, CA. She has developed her own blend of Western Astrology and Latin Numerology called The Life By Soul™ System which she uses effectively to her clients’ benefit, development, and growth. You can learn more about her and her work at her main website 


Guest Arlene Pe Benito -  From Victim to Victorious.  Empower Yourself

On today episode of The Spiritual Entrepreneur Show, Guest Arlene Pe Benito will be talking about how to go From victim to victorious.  Empower yourself - Grace not required. After years of imposed and purposeful life experiences playing both the victim and victimizer, Arlene chose to learn, grow and commit to herself. Now, Arlene engages with her clients to inspire, empower and transform those who find themselves stuck in the same patterns time and time again. Through a simple process and a holistic approach, the root of the pattern is revealed and then transformed through several areas of their life: relationships, health and wealth. You can learn more about Arlene by visiting


Guest Paula Johnson - Growing Your Wealth Within to Manifest a More Amazing Life

On today episode of The Spiritual Entrepreneur Show, Guest Paula Johnson will be talking about:
- How to grow your wealth within to manifest a more amazing life.
- Myths, obstacles, and emotional patterns that get in the way of more money and wealth in your life.
- Practical steps to grow your wealth and make this your year to grow your wealth!

Paula Johnson is a helper, healer, mentor and author who gets fired up guiding women create financial success and live abundant lives. Paula empowers women by helping them make peace with their money, connect with their intuition, gifts, and purpose, break through their existing money blocks, so they can manifest their most amazing life. You can learn more about Paula by visiting


Top 6 Manifesting Mistakes with Patricia LeBlanc

On today episode of The Spiritual Entrepreneur Show, Your host Patricia LeBlanc will be talking to you about the top 6 Manifesting Mistakes that she sees all the time with her clients and that she has done. Patricia is Dream Maker, She empowers Spiritual Entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and teaches them how to create the life and business that they truly desire.

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Guest Jennifer Low - the 5 Key Points of the Success Skeleton.

Guest Jennifer Low will be talking about the 5 Key Points of the Success Skeleton. Jennifer Low has always loved to write and is now pursuing this more actively as a writer, compiler, editor and ghostwriter. She is an international best selling author, and has been published several times.

Jennifer’s mission is to help people lead a fulfilling and happy life by realizing their true potential, reach their goals, and achieve true success.

You can connect with Jennifer by visiting her website:


Welcome to the Spiritual Entrepreneur Show with Patricia LeBLanc

Host Patricia LeBlanc introduces you to the Spiritual Entrepreneur Show and shares a bit her journey as well as what her show is all about.

Patricia LeBlanc is a dream maker. She empowers female entrepreneurs to get to the next level. Using a holistic approach, she helps her clients to get out of their own way, get clear on what they truly want and then teach them on how to attract it into their own life and business so that they can live happy, fulfilled and abundant life.  Patricia LeBlanc is the Multi-Gifted CEO of Patricia LeBlanc International Inc., a #1 Best Selling Author/Compiler and 14x International Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Trainer, Manifesting and Business Strategist as well as Master Energy Healer/Teacher.

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